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World of Warships

(4.5 out of 5 stars from 5 Reviews)

Spandan A.
Now let me tell you that WOWs is not at all a pay 2 win free game, unless you're a noob. By far, this is the best Wargaming game I've ever played. It's an absolute whizbanger! The only problem is that way more attention is given to Soviet Union ships- from designing to ammuntition. Other than that, the game is awesome. Would be better if there was some way of earning doubloons rather than getting pittiances in the Daily Shipments, or buying them.
Marc A.
its a great game this game is as close to the real thing as possible. yes sometimes you have to deal with overzealous players or there cranky but besides that i love it been playing this game since it first started. hope you try this
Austen L.
I thinks this game is brilliant and fun. But at the same time it takes a heck of a time getting the required xp to advance further in tiers(without money of your own to buy credits and stuff).
Fat Panda
Good game, if you know how to play. Get good, you can get top tiers. People say it is pay 2 win, it is, if you suck. If you're competent, you can beat any same tier premium.
Joshua F.
This game is AMAZING. If you like Naval Battles in a game that's not super fast paced and requires/should use strategy then this is the game.