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War Thunder

(5 out of 5 stars from 3 Reviews)

This is best simulation of World War II. Take your plane and prepare for best war simulator ever!yet better this game is simulator it MMo mode!!!!!!!!
One of the cornerstones of War Thunder is that player’s skill is more important than his wallet. Premium vehicles offer no combat advantages, there is no “microtransaction-only” ammo or consumables, so no amount of cash will buy you a spot on the top of the food chain.
Raymond L.
I currently have not dropped a dime, though this new offer is calling at me. I enjoy this game over all other sim I have ever paid for. Air battles are my favorite but I can jump into a Tank or Ship battle and I enjoy them. I also like how realistic is like a professional fight to arcade is more like a bar fight. Air sim with the right set up like IR tracker is out of the world.