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Lineage 2 Essence

(5 out of 5 stars from 5 Reviews)

Marcelo P.
A great mmo. Amazing graphics and a lot of challenges. One of the best mmo that I have played. The community is great and the pvp system gives some emotion to the game while you explore the environment.
Manu R.
Is a game of PvP, PvP where you want and when you want.
Isolde G.
This game is just plain fun. I have played since open beta. This game is not for you if you don't enjoy meeting and grouping with others. I have never had a problem finding a party. The graphics are amazing. There is real danger in this game. You die, you lose stuff. Other players want to kill you. If someone is a jerk, find a group and go destroy them.
Absolutely love the game. Incredible graphics, incredible music, and great sfx. Chronical 2, Age of Splendors adds more to an already great game. Definitely, not for the non-serious woosy gamer. Best PvP around for mmorpg's. C2 has definitely raised the bar up another notch.
Colton P.
A very addicting game as you progress to the higher levels, always more to do, and work on.