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Forge of Empires

(5 out of 5 stars from 10 Reviews)

Atilla G.
Strongly disagree with people saying this is pay to win. I'm in for 5months now and still entertaining for at least an hour per day. You don't need to spend anything and still you get access to all content, also without any advertisement. Game is full of content where you can get the payed currency for free. Regularly updated and tested content. Also has a nice community for social interactions.
Alexande T.
The game gives so much for a free with in-purchase platform. It's a great thing for passing time. You can achieve everything even without purchasing any pack, all you need is patience and time. If you have free time now and then during the day, and want to spend it in a game, this is perfect for you. My rate is 5 stars. A solid gameplay that can keep you interested for a long period if you are into strategy.
Channa O.
This game is a lot of fun. I like how it doesn't force you to spend money in order to advance your Empire but doing so definitely advances you faster. For a mom with a job, it's a lot easier for me to play since most of the time it's waiting for things to finish in the background. There is a strategy about fitting your buildings to make the most of your space. There's a lot to work on so you don't get bored and the events they have are fun because it gives you more opportunity to advance. A+
Laderek S.
Honestly better than Fortnite😳 But I have two suggestions: It would be cool if some incidents could give you population. Also, the glitch were the people appear to walk on top of my buildings makes me cringe and it would be nice if you could fix it. But I don't need this fixed because it's no big problem that affects my gameplay.
Joshua M.
I really, really love the game! Brings me back to Age of Empires when I was a kid. Only problem I've run into is a story quest has you add a friend to get something you need to move forward and I've added friends but it didn't accept it... I've been able to do other things and play but wish I could move on with the story quest.
Babra A.
It's enjoyable but can be addictive too. Lots of strategy required to gain FPs from other players GBs and the negotiations are quite logical except of course for the very first trial which is always very random. Apart from having great buildings without space to build them, the gave is actually very fun especially because you also get to play as part of a team know as the guild :-)
Forge of empires is VERY fun, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to get good! (Although you can.) You create a city, town, village, empire, city-state, or whatever you want to call it, and you can create your looks, or profile picture. You can design your town - but don’t worry, there are still challenges. You can take over other empires and kingdoms, even plunder, or steal supplies, and other stuff you need from them. You can create an army, go on quests, and do all of that as you go through the ages. Forge of Empires taught me all about the ages and eras, which helped me a lot in school, getting me better grades in social studies. If you don’t like educational games - well, it doesn’t directly teach you, you just find out on your own. This game has many qualities that help you in life, and is very fun while it doesn’t directly teach you those qualities. However, it would be almost impossible to miss them. This game is by far my favorite game, and you can also create your own guild - for free! Anyone who doesn’t play is definitely missing out.
Brooke H.
I am happy with this game. It doesn't take too much of my time which is why I'm still playing it. That and the game doesn't require real money. I've learned how to deal with being pillaged so that it doesn't really bother me anymore. I don't mind the events. I rarely am able to finish them. But it's a good way to get free items. Forge points aren't a problem for me either. There are several ways the game supplies them. For me this game is pretty much perfect.
Steve O.
This game is the most enjoyable playing game I've played all year long. And with my poor phone memory it has the least problems with freezing up. The events are really fun and they have continued to make it better by adding features like battlegrounds and cultural settlements to build an entirely new village. I've gotten rid of many games this year but this one has kept me entertained. Great job developers!
Russ W.
Great game with unlimited choices of game play. FOE reminds me of Sid Meirer's, Alpha Centauri a bit. You can choose to focus on economics, military, special buildings, etc...This game is an extremely social yet anonymous outlet or a completely private don't talk to anyone if you don't want to type game. As far as diamonds, yes, they are needed, but also can be found without paying a dime. Patience and strategy is key. Looking to start today and being #1 player tomorrow? This is not your game.