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World of Tanks

(4.5 out of 5 stars from 4 Reviews)

Mike W.
I have 44000 games played in WorldOfTanks and that says everything about the game and its quality. The game receives constant updates and it is very friendly for lesser systems with older graphics cards. Graphics are Crisp and tanks models are as realistic as it gets. No childish tank models here. Game support is non-existent so as in-game anti-cheat protection, contrary to Wargimng claims. Luckily, this game gathers an older crowd(22-65 age) and cheaters are rare. Very cheap premium access, which is a must after tier 8 and a lot of extra events every holiday or anniversary. Extremely worth playing!
Noah F.
For anyone saying that this game is hard, then there is one thing. Study and get better at the game! What I do is study the game, tactics, and use them. Pay to Win tanks are pretty good, but they are bought by nubs who don't know how to play most of the time. Sure it's based on something like Russian Bias, but still. There are good tanks from other paths. Sure the Soviet Union has the best tanks. Tha's because they actually made the best tanks. So stop complaining and get better at the game.
Paint in hand
I have been playing since 2011 and view this game very good indeed. It's a long haul game...many many tanks to grind and master. I have three tier ten tanks and working on many more. Tier six is used mainly to build up credits to play tier 10s. Give it a try. See you in battle tankers!
M. Brice
awsome game all the negative people arent happy playing a free game. yes you can buy stuff. but if you enjoy any other hobby you would spend money on it right?????? it can be a little boring at times but they throw you a bone every once in a while. I have 31000 games in so far. people complain about bias with russian tanks. i have quite a few and dont find any advantage playing them over any other nation.