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(5 out of 5 stars from 5 Reviews)

Jarog G.
I recommend you get this game. It's a nice way to pass time, or just have a fun time, and there's just about always something new to do.
Jaden D.
It is a truly amazing game, even better if you buy a few packs. Just ask your aunt or grandma to come over and visit and ask for an early birthday or Christmas gift, or if you have a job, (lots adults do this) you could spend $1k+ into the game and become one of the best players in the game. Or, if you are pateint as heck, you could just grind and sell - rinse and repeat - until you get the amount of coins you need to buy weapons, hardware, etc.
Jakub C.
I would like to shine some light out to all that who want to play, have been playing, or played then deleted it; that this game is like any other game, it grows. Sometimes for the worse or betterment, it is an experience like no other respectively. Many may find the game challenging, but that gist, you can choose to play or pay the grind. For those who simply do not have long hours is perhaps a 'good' feature that you can buy. Nevertheless any game is exploitable, never really 'perfect', it matters on how much they tried.
Phil C.
CROSSOUT is like having the keys to an Aston Martin Vanquish in a drawer for a couple of years... Only to kick yourself that you did not use them earlier. This game is like the "Big Dipper" roller coaster in Blackpool, everyone gets off smiling and wanting to get back on again.
Nathan M.
If Twisted Metal had a baby with Gran Turismo... Amazingly addictive, in-depth, vehicular combat game... has player vs player, story mode, campaigns, clan wars, and it's FREE... this game had me at accept ❤